Sunday, February 4, 2007

Yankees Top Prospect

Phil Hughes
Age: 20
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 220 lbs
Drafted: 1st Round in 2004 out of High School
Position: Starting Pitcher
Throws: Right

Season: 146.0 2.16 12 - 6 0.86 10.4
IP ERA Record WHIP K/9

Fastball: Phil Hughes' fastball sits in the 93-94 range. He can dial it up to 97 when need but prefers to sit lower in order to command it as well as possible. Although his fastball could be straight at times he cancels that out by putting it almost exactly where he wants it to be.

Curveball: Hughes used a slider during high school but the yankees decided to throw that out and teach him a curve. I turns out that was a great move as now he has one of the best curves in the minors. It is a deadly strikeout weapon that lands on it's spot every time, with a solid 1-7 break.

Changeup: Hughes' changeup sits about 78-79 MPH range. It is about a major league average pitch right now but with his work ethic and great coaching he should master the change during his time in AAA.

Command: Lots of pitchers have a 65 fastball, 70 curveball, and 60 changeup. Phil Hughes compliment them with 70 control. He can put his fastball and curveball wherever he wants without fail. He barely walks anyone. If a ball bounces in the dirt, he meant to do it. He has a career BB/9 ratio of 2.05 (which is roughly Mike Mussina level). He is a smart pitcher who always thinks one step ahead of the batter.

Projection: I think Hughes has huge ceiling and he could have a quick impact for the yankees in the near future.

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