Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Chicago Cubs #1 Prospect Felix Pie

Felix Pie Outfielder
TEAM:Chicago Cubs
HEIGHT/WEIGHT:6'2' / 170
Felix Pie-Signed as an undrafted free agent by the Chicago Cubs in 2001.

Pie's awards he has won while in the minors
2002 - Arizona League All-Star OF
2003 - Midwest League All-Star OF
2004 - Florida State League All-Star OF

2006 season in AAA :
.283 15 homeruns 57 rbi's 33 doubles
-Though his average went down in 2006, the power that he was always projected to have started to come together.

The one thing about Pie is everybody loves him. He like the perfect teammate "He's got five tools and all of them have a chance to be above-average. The sky is the limit."
"He's an exciting player, a really exciting player," says his manager Bobby Dickerson. "He loves to win. That's the biggest thing I've seen. He really enjoys winning ball games, and he always wins. Every team he's been on has made the playoffs, and three won championships."
His manager also has favorable words for his center fielder concerning a resemblance to the Yankees shortstop."Everybody who plays the game wants to win, but he thrives on it," Dickerson gushes. "A lot of players go 0-for-4, their team wins and there's not really any jubilation. He's the type of guy that he goes 0-for-4, the team wins and he's happy. I remember one time this year we had won six in a row. He's walking off the field going, 'My team! My team! My team is great!' He just enjoys being part of something special, and it [becomes contagious] around him."
Scouting Report
Hitting: Pie. like most 20-21 year olds, has bad plate discipline. He strikes out to much and dosen't walk nearly enough. Even though he has bad plate discipline, Pie has enough power to launch 20-25 homeruns.

Defense: Pie's speed gives him great edge. He always seems to take the best possible route to the ball. He has a accurate cannon for an arm.

Speed: Pie has great speed, enough to make him a 30 SB type of player. But currently he is having trouble stealing bases becasue he is getting thrown out to much.

The Future: With Soriano, Cliff Floyd, And Jacque Jones currently patrolling the OF, it's doubtful he will make the team out of ST. Look for him to be a call up in 2-3 months when somebody gets hurt or dosent produce and force Soriano to move from Center Field to a Corner OF posistion. He is a future All-Star in the making.

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