Monday, February 19, 2007

Mets Spring Training Pictures

Taking A look at the possible mets rotation.

Tom Glavine will pitch on opening day as the mets ACE.

Orlando Hernandez will be the mets #2 starter.

John Maine even though the mets have said he will have to earn it will most likley be the mets #3 starter

The Battle.. The Mets right now have the #4, and #5 spots up for grabs..

We here believe that Oliver Perez will win the #4 spot

Chan Ho Park will be one of the many fighting for the spot

Many feel the mets first round pick of 2006 will win the spot. (he's kind of looking like Rick Peterson with the hair)

Philip Humber the mets first round pick of 2004 says he feels the best he has in years.

Jason Vargas has good success with the Marlins in 2005 and is looking to prove he can be the one.

Aaron Sele had a 2.96 ERA as a starter in the first half and a 4.18 overall as a starter, and wants to prove he still has somthing in the tank..

Heres a picture of David Wright drunk out of his mind.

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