Monday, February 19, 2007

Biggest Change For Milledge His Attitude?

"For the record, Lastings Milledge did show up early -- position players were only required to let the Mets know they were in the neighborhood yesterday -- and he did more than drop off equipment. Milledge worked out with the handful of players already in camp, including David Wright and Jose Reyes, and displayed some impressive opposite-field power during batting practice on the stadium field.

Milledge said he improved his diet during the winter -- cutting down on red meat, burgers in particular -- and put on an additional 13 pounds of muscle through a new weightlifting regimen. But the biggest change may be his attitude. Milledge deftly handled two rounds with the media yesterday, first TV cameras and then print reporters, and said all the right things.As for the run-ins he had with teammates last year, Milledge believes that's all in the past and he's eager to move on.

"Everything’s clean," MIlledge said. "Everything’s fine. Everybody’s all right. I’m fine with everybody. Everything’s OK. I don’t have any problems with anybody."

Even Billy Wagner, who hung a sign over Milledge's locker in DC that read, "Know Your Place Rook!" admitted that no one is holding a grudge. "He wasn’t bad," Wagner said. "It’s sort of that grooming. We all went through it and hopefully he’s learned and matured."

I was one of the few people who didn't mind that Milledge wasn't going to play winter ball. I actually said to all the people who hate Milledge,"What if he comes back with 20 extra pounds of muscle because he's been working out all winter". Its great for Milledge and for now it seems that his attitude is better. He can now focus on winning the RF job this spring.

In other news Jose Reyes has gained 7 More Pounds of Muscle over the off-season

Is it really a good thing? Do they really want to get Reyes that big? He is a leadoff hitter who has too much muscle for somebody his size. This could potentially slow down his swing and throw off everything. No more getting bigger Jose.

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