Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cubs Avoid Arbitration WIth Zambrano

Cubs agreed to terms with RHP Carlos Zambrano on a one-year, $12.4 million contract.
Zambrano was asking for $15.5 million, while the Cubs were offering $11.025 million, and the case was set to be heard Tuesday afternoon.

Its surprising that he settled for so little. Usually the team and the player will agree on the midpoint of the two sides. Figure, using that logic, he shouldve got around 13.5 million. To me, this makes Zambrano look like he really wants to just play and not have to deal with these money issues. That being said, he has said he wants a contract this Spring or hes testing free agency. The Cubs would be crazy not to re-sign him. If they dont have the money then the only ones they could blame is themsleves for spending like fiends this offseason. Honestly if any Cubs fans read this, comment back who you would rather have locked up for the next 7 years... Zambrano or Soriano. IF he leaves, hopefully the Yankees will use their bottomless wallet to sign him.

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