Saturday, February 24, 2007

Predicting The NL Central

Team Win Loss
Cubs 88 74
Cardinals 85 77
Astros 84 78
Reds 81 81
Brewers 75 87
Pirates 68 94

I know this is a stretch but we have the cubs finishing 1st just because they look like the most complete team. They took care of alot of their needs in the off-season

The Cubs addressed most major needs during the off-season. Although they are a worse defense team now, they aquired a 40/40 man in soriano. He will be a key part to their offense. Soriano will team with Derrek Lee, Ramirez, and Jones to make a decent top of the order. Also they signed former utility man Mark DeRosa who could step up. Though their Starting rotation may look shaky, its actually decent and capable of handling a tough season. Headed by the young ace Zambrano the rotation consists of guys like Ted Lilly,whose needed a move to the Nl, a supposedly healthy Mark Prior, and a big time sleeper canidate in Rich Hill. This Rotation should get them some wins and although the bullpen is shaky,hopefully Kerry Wood can step up and become a dominate relief pitcher.

The Cards are an aging and injury plaged offense besides pujols. Jim Edmonds cant stay healthy long enough to be a good #4 hitter to protect Pujols. Their gonna need guys like Chris Duncan and Edwin Encarnacion to step up big to offer some protection in the lineup. Their starting rotation has Braden Looper in it. Enough Said. They dont have a good bullpen besides Izzy and lost a key part letting wainright start. They didint do anything significant in the off-season and let go 2 starting pitchers in Weaver and Suppan.

The Astros lost a solid starting pitching in Andy Pettite and most likley Roger Clemens. This starting rotation won't be the same. Even so its probably the second best in the division. The offense with the adding of Carlos Lee still has many problems. Although they have a great 3-4 in Berkman and Lee theirs nothing else their to help. Hopefully Oswalt wont have to worry about losing 1-0 games this year. This is the prediction that could be totally wrong because The Astros always seem to find themselves in the race. They will most likely start off slow and make a run towrds the end of the year.

The Reds just don't have enough offense. They have Adam Dunn who will hit you 40 homeruns but will strike out 600 times and hit 250. Also, how long can Ken Griffey Jr play before he pulls a hammy? They could however be a team to watch out for. They have decent good starters in Arroyo and Harang. Thats not even saying Homer Bailey who will probably be called up early in the season.

Brewers: Brewers have a nice starting rotation with Sheets and Capuano. However, the offense is very lacking and any hope they have lies in the arms of Prince Fielder.

Pirates gained a big bat in Adam LaRoche but gave up their only reliable bullpen man in Mike Gonzalez. Theeir is alot of potential in this team but the pitching coach is going to have to learn how to teach the starting rotation. Guys like Zach Duke are not 1 year flukes. Their has to be a reason young Pirate pitchers have a great first year then proceed to tail off. Its happened to guys like Duke and Perez. Pirates have some talent in the minors but for now they are lacking as a team so they get last place.


Tony Koziol said...

I am a Cubs fan but the Cubs pitching has a lot of question marks (will prior/miller be healthy, will Hill avoid the sophomore jinx, will a different league turn Lilly into an all-star pitcher, can marquis bounce back after having the worst season in his career, will dempster be the closer this year, can wood be effective again, etc.) Until those questions get answered, I think for now the Cards should be penciled in as #1 in the central. Having a lot of hitting is great, but pitching wins games.

C-Dog said...

The Cubs and Cards both have the same concerns for pitching.. but right now the cubs still have the better starting rotation.. and the better offense.