Sunday, February 4, 2007

Could Helton Talks With Red-Sox Come Back??

From Rotoworld

The Denver Post reports that Todd Helton has told the Rockies he is prepared to veto all future trades for the next five years.
Could such a statement motivate the Rockies to do the deal with the Red Sox without getting a quality prospect in addition to Mike Lowell and Julian Tavarez? Talks are dead now, but they could be revisited if that's the Rockies' desire.

Now if im the rockies, that statement might make me want to now open up talk with the redsox again. With helton owed 90 mil over the next 5-6 years if the Red Sox take half or alil more then half, that opens up budget for the rockies to make some moves in the future. Helton, who says he has gained all the weight back he lost after being hospitalized last season, still might have some good years left in him but if you're the rockies you have to try and move him so you can get somthing in return and free up budget.

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