Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yankees 2012 Bullpen

This is my projected Yankees 2012 bullpen. Note that some of these guys are converted starters that couldn't make the rotation so became a reliever.

Long Reliever: Jeff Marquez
Many Yankees fans are very high on Marquez. I don't share that same enthusiasm but I do recognize his talent. Marquez was a first round pick that hasn't fully lived up to expectations but has had some nice years. Marquez fastball sits about 91-93. Its a very hard sinking fastball that induced tons of ground outs. Marquez's strike out pitch is his Change up. It ranks as one of the best in the organization. Marquez's final pitch is his curve ball. Its a power curve between 76-78 MPH and has shown plus potential. Marquez Will be a great long reliever because doesn't give up many home runs and would be able to hold the score where its at.

Middle Relief 1: J.B Cox
J.B Cox was a second round pick out of Texas. He was one of the most highly touted relievers and he showed why. In his time in the minors he has had great success and is close to a minor league call-up if he gets off to a strong start in Scranton. Cox throws a sinking 2-seam fastball that sits between 88-93 with great movement. He has a side-arm delivery that allows him to get even more ground balls. Cox then throws a very nice slider, sits about 80-85, that serves as his out-pitch. His final pitch is an 80 MPH changeup that he is still developing. The only flaw with Cox is some character issues. He recently injured his hand in a fight which stopped him from coming to spring training.

Middle Relief 2: Christian Garcia
This a pitcher who has a very good chance of making it as a starter. In his minor league career it always seemed like his numbers never matched up with his stuff. Garcia's fastball sits between 92-95. Its very consistent but he sometimes has trouble commanding it. His curve ball is his bread an butter. Its a power knuckle curve in the 82-84 range. It has amazing movement and is top 3 in the system. Garcia also has a plus changeup that has greatly improved since last year. Now with this report your probably wondering why he couldn't be a starter. For one he is getting Tommy John surgery and will be out for the entire season. Secondly, his work ethic has been questioned many times.

Middle Relief 3: Mark Melancon
Melancon was a guy who would've went in the first or second round but slipped to the yankees in the 9th due to injury concerns. He had a very good college career and was definitely a steal for the Yankees. Melancon's fastball sits between 92-94 MPH but he can dial it up higher if he chooses. Melacncon's best pitch is his power curve ball. It has great sinking break and it a very nice strikeout weapon. Melancons final pitch is a very good change up that has nice break and he can control it. Unfortunately, the injury concerns during the draft were correct, Melancon will have to undergo Tommy John surgery but will hopefully come back healthy and strong.

Set-Up Man: George Kontos
George Kontos is a personal favorite of mine. He's a guy who struggled mightily through college but the Yankees still drafted him in the early rounds and he showed why. He pitched incredibly well in his first year at Staten Island, even winning MVP of the playoffs. Hes another pitcher who could remain a starter and I hope he does but for now he is my set-up man. Kontos' fastball sits between 92-95 and he can control it very well. Overuse in college took some MPH away in Staten Island but has sicne been regained. His best pitch is his slider. It sits between 83-86 and has very sharp break to it. He also has great control of it. He also throws a curve ball that shows strong potential to be a plus pitch,he just needs to gain some confidence in it. He also has recently found a change up grip that fits him well which has greatly improved his change. Kontos is going to be very goes someday no matter what role hes in. He's a dog on the mound that goes right after the hitter every time.

Closer: Humberto Sanchez
As you all know Sanchez was the main piece in the Gary Sheffield trade. Though the Yankees knew the injury risks they still decided to pull the trigger. It has come to mixed results. Sanchez reported to camp looking thin but soon after it began he felt pain in his forearm. Nothing serious but its these things that make me wonder if hell be able to go 7 innings every 5 days. That being said, he still has very dominant stuff and is going to be very good no matter where he plays. His fastball sits between 93-95 and has excellent movement. His location is sometimes shaky but he can control it for the most part. His best pitch is his curve ball that he could throw for strikes. It has great movement and is a true strikeout pitch. His Change Up leaves a little bit to be desired but some time in the minors should let him master it.

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