Sunday, March 25, 2007

10 AL East Predictions

1. A-rod will have a huge year and the fans will love him

2. Frank Thomas wont play more then 100 games

3. Yankees will be in 3rd place at the all-star break but will still finish in fist

4. Carl Pavano will start 12 games and either be pulled or injured

5. Nick Markakis and Daniel Cabrera, of the Orioles, will be absolute beasts

6. Josh Beckett will bounce back from giving up over 30 homers by giving up over 40

7. Evan Longoria, Devil Rays, will take the 3b spot from a struggling Akinori Iwamura

8. D-Rays outfield (Baldelli, Crawford, Young) will be considered the best young outfield in the MLB

9. Blue Jays were further regret signing A.J Burnett after he gets injured for half the season

10. The rookie of the year award winner will come from the AL East

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