Thursday, March 22, 2007

Opinon On Arod's Contact Situation

There has been a lot of talk recently on the clause in his contract that would allow Arod to opt out of the final three years of his deal. He is set to make somewhere between 72-81 million dollars over his final 3 years. That works out to about 25 million per year. This immediatly strikes me as strange when a player is making 25 million a year in one of his best chances to win a championship and he would want to opt out. IS he that egotistical to really think some team would give him that much more then 25 mil per year to play a decent defense? I dont mind Arod that much at all. He probably one of the best players I will see play. But why does he have to be so concerned with money and championships? His best chance of helping the yankees towards a championship is forgetting all this shit and just playing like he can. Imagine what a monster year is for a guy who has a down year with a 290 35 121 clip. I just truly believe that their is less drama behind the scenes then people like jim rome make it out to be. Now I could see Arod staying if and only if he has a good year and the yankees make it at least to the ALCS. I think if he has another off year he could react 2 ways. HE could just opt out and leave or his pride may get in the way and he will stay and try to prove his haters wrong. Either way if the yankees come close to a world series. I dont think he'll go because I believe it when this guy says he wants a championship. An interesting situation would be the few teams able to pay him more if he does opt out. Think about it. Would Arod go to Boston in spite of the fans that gave him so much grief? I think it could happen. Fortunatly for now the yankees have one of the greatest hitters of all-time in their lineup and I wouldnt mind if it stayed that way for 4 more years.

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Anonymous said...

Im a die hard yankee fan both somthing tells me that if the yankees dont win a world series this year A-Rod is gone..

Now i dont think he will get more then 25 mil or even 25 mil.. but
A-Rod can get a 6-7 year deal of 22 mil a year somewere.. I think he would fit in Boston with the rest of the losers.. A-Rod would play SS or 3B, moving Lugo to 2B.. lowell would be gone by then