Friday, March 30, 2007

Henn and Phelps Make Yanks

Two of the spots that were in question for most of the spring were the second lefty relief spot and the back-up/platoon first baseman. These two spot have finally been filled today as it has been announced that Henn is the lefty reliver and Phelps is the first baseman. Phelps completely earned it hitting 400 in spring and belting 3 homers. Also, his competition, Andy Phillips, hit under 200 which helped Phelps campaign. It's a shame for Phillips who was never really given a chance throughout the minors due to many position changes. He will most likely be let go. If Phelps can continue to hit well during his playing time and Minky doesnt hit, a switch may be in order. Henn was more of a long shot then Phelps coming into spring. With Villone being resigned it seemed as the Yanks would once again carry Myers and Villone but because of some horrid performances out of Villone and great outings from Henn the tide changed. Henn has always had a good fastball for a lefty but has never had the secondary pitches or control to compliment them. I still remember his horrible 3 starts in 2005. He has improved his command and secondary pitches since then and can hopefully be a good reliever.

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