Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Training Game 3/23

The Yankees lost to the Pirates 3-2.

Not an overall intresting game to talk about. The pitchers did ok. Rasner didnt allow an earned run in 4.2 innings but did allow 7 hits. He alaso struck out 5. I am not a huge fan of Rasner and would like to see Karstens get the starting long man spot over him. Colter Bean was the only pitcher to give up earned runs as he gave up 2 in 1 inning of work. HE has actually been decent this spring but this shows more who he really is. Note that Sean Henn threw a scoreless inning and has not aloud a hit in 6 innings. Look for him to seriosuly challenged Villone for the 2nd lefty spot.

Offensively, expect for a couple of hits, theirs nothing really worth noting. Matsui and Abreu had a rbi each. Phelps went 1 for 1 and Minky went 0 for 2. Come on Joe, when if that light going to go off in your head.

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