Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Well, it is official ladies and gentlemen, it appears Boston's new God, Daisuke Matsuzaka, is going to be the greatest pitcher of all time. They might as well just vote him into the Hall of Fame now. I honestly dont even know why hes even going to play. He,apparently, has 4 plus-plus pitches with great control, doesnt give up too many homers, and has no chance of becoming the next Hideki Irabu. So, whenever Dice-K comes to town, the Yankees players should just say "Hey, Dice-Ks pitching? Yeah? Ok were going home." This would save the embarresment of versing this beastly pitcher. Right? WRONG. This Dice-k fenzy thing going on is beggining to get unbearable. I'd expect it from Red Sox fans but even ESPN is falling into the Dice-K mania as its hard to watch ESPNews for an hour without hearing how good he is. This was ok for awhile because of the excitment but come on people, he has only pitched a few innings in spring training. SPRING TRAINING. Since when is it a fact that doing good in spring means your gonna be so great. I really wish this logic applied as the Yankees would probably have the greatest bullpen in history (minus Kyle Farnsworth of course). I really do understand the amount of coverage due to the heresay of his stuff and his posting price but whats with making a big deal out of everything he does. What has he proven? He can get out some hitters in spring training, he can strike out some college players. Yeah, color me unimpressed. How about we wait and see how he does when the pressure is on. When he has to verse MLB hitters going all out for 9 innings. LEts wait and see how he reacts to the pressure of the Boston media and fans that, I can guarntee, wouldnt be too slow to turn on him if he deosnt suceed immediatly. What makes him so inept to failure? What if his supposed amazing stuff isnt all taht amazing and doesnt translate to the MLB? These are all questiosn that none of us can answer. The only time we will know is during the real season. IF he is amazing then, I will say touche Sox fans, you got me. But for now, instead of sayign how good hes going to be, how about we wait and see.

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Anonymous said...

You're 100% right! The proof is in the season ahead. Great blog!