Friday, March 30, 2007


Come on Joe. This is unacceptable. Wil Nieves as a back-up catcher. Yankee fans may be spoiled with good players but never at the back-up catcher position. To go from Kelly Stinnet last year to Wil Nieves this is year much of a jump. Nieves has never really proved he could be a ML backup and certainly hasn't proven it this spring. I guess his position could be attributed to weak competition but it shouldn't be that way. Mr. Cashman, its time you put all this young pitching to good use and get a projectable back-up catcher. Their are some nice young catchers out their that can be obtained for some close to ML-ready pitching. Yankees have a plethora of that so whats the hold up. Im not asking you to trade Hughes or anyone very highly touted but some of the lower ceiling guys too teams who desperately need 4th and 5th starters. Im looking for a catcher that could backup for a few more years and then be able to take over and be successful. Is it so much to ask for a catcher who can play solid defense and hit over 250. This may be a dead subject considering the backup catcher plays about once a week but the point remains that Posada wont be here forever and the Yanks need to realize that its best to develop catchers out of your farm.

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