Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring Training Game 3/24

The Yankees and Blue Jays had a 4 to 4 tie after 10 innings.

Mike Mussina started this game. He didn't look very good at all the first inning, allowing run after run. After the first however he looked very sharp as he pitched 5 scoreless innings. It was nice to see Mussina pitch well but his velocity was still down and he did leave some pitches up. Overall it was a good outing though. Rivera, Farnsworth, Bruney, and Kozlowski all did well, pitching a scoreless inning each.

Offensively, their wasn't much going on. It seemed like they were hitting the ball hard but to no prevail. Abreu had another good day going 2 for 3. He has been impressive since coming back. A-rod also looked good as he hit a homer to tie the ball game.

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