Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Yankees Prospect Sleeper: Cody Ehlers

Ehlers has been a personal favorite of mine for a while. Not because of his stats but because every report I have read on him says he has a great work ethic and is always trying to get better. Though he is old for his league, 25 in AA, he still has the potential to be a very good player if he can hit like he did last year in Tampa, where he was the hitter of the year.
Here is a scouting report influenced by pinstripes plus:

Age: 25
Position: 1st base
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs
Drafted: 11th Round in 2003 out of the University of Missouri
Bats: Left

Batting: Ehlers is an extremely good gap hitter as he hit 38 doubles last year. He also knocked out 18 homers. Also remember this is all playing in a park that waters down offensive production by 12%. Ehlers has very good strike zone judgement and has the ability to walk more then strike out in any given season. He seems to rise to the occasion with RISP as he hit 322 last year and came through in many clutch situations. Ehlers projects to be able to hit over 300 and hopes some of those 38 doubles will become homers.

Speed: Ehlers is not really a base stealer but is an intelligent base runner who wont hurt team on the base paths.

Defense: Ehlers defensive game is extremely smooth. He has great footwork and range at first. He also has a solid throwing arm at first which may seem unimportant but after watching Giambi butcher throws for 4 years its important. He has the potential to be a gold glover.

Projection: Ehlers has been flying under the radar for most of his career due to not having the tool set of a usual top prospect. He has shown now that he does have the potential to be a big league starter if he can develop a little more power. Even if he were to stay in the 15-25 range it would be suitable because the Yankees already have tons of power. He is a very steady player who will always give 100 percent and strive to be better. He could be compared Don Mattingly who never hit for huge power in the majors but was consistent with the bat and a clutch hitter.

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